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Electronic testing

The Department of Electrical Engineering is a comprehensive field of activity in the industry and the automotive sector. From high-speed sensor technology to cable trees and switchgear, high-precision and complex systems are produced every day. This makes it all the more disastrous if faults occur in these systems and as a result of which individual components do not function without errors or a total failure occurs.

By means of various measuring instruments and tools, we are able to detect weaknesses in these areas quickly and safely. It does not matter whether a simple insulation is to be exchanged or complete cable strings are to be relocated and made. Our specialists in the field of electronics are at all times able to recognize, correct or completely replace fault factors.

Furthermore, our ultra-modern microscopes enable even small electronic components to be tested. Documentation takes place using the 3D microscope, a surface measurement and, if desired, a photo documentation of defective parts.

A competence in the handling of electronic small parts is self-evident in our entire team and is constantly being checked.