One of our special tests is the endoscopic examination. An endoscope is an instrument with an optical system consisting of a tube-like flexible or rigid element and a lighting device with cold light. From the tip of the endoscope (the light source), the light is directed to the eye of the user by the optical system. The viewing direction of the user can be straight or angled up to 120 °.

Endoscopy is a method for the examination of hard-to-reach areas in order to avoid the cost of costly disassembly and associated high failure rates of compact parts with cavities. We as TsQS - Qualität & Service GmbH use the endoscopy for the damage diagnosis as well as the documentation by video and / or image documentation in concealed places. We assess the condition of main components such as gearboxes or motors and evaluate our results statistically. Based on our daily documentation, the test results are documented against our customers. Our endoscopes / videoscopes are equipped with a fl exible tube (approx.1.20m) and a 3.9-8mm probe. We only use high-quality HWA-videocopes.

Due to the mobile use of our video endoscopy devices, a test is possible both in our test lab and on site.


  • Transmission damage and wear marks
  • Axis wear
  • Cylinder walls and piston bottom
  • Valves, cavities & spars
  • Sliding roofs & shafts