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Optical test

The optical test is used in practice as a destructive and non-contact test method as a central component of the quality test.

Through the use of high-quality optical measurement technology, we are able to ensure 100% of the quality requirements of high-quality components and assemblies at the customer site or in our own sorting and testing center.

The optical control of a product or individual components for faults is used as the last possible test method at the end of each process chain.

Through our various measuring techniques in the optical field, we are able to assist you in the process optimization and to detect errors at an early stage.


Visual inspection, surface inspection with devices, light microscope, microscope and digital microscope with very high resolution and magnification up to 200 fold. In the automotive industry, the production of high-quality and compact components is becoming increasingly complex. In order to ensure the quality of your components delivered, we are in daily use for our customers.


High-precision inspection of small parts under light microscopes and microscopes, surface checks, dimensional accuracy of components, cavity tests and all kinds of damage.