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Safety Instructions

The safety and functionality of all installed components is of paramount importance in industry and in the automotive industry. Through the advancement of technology, today's systems become increasingly safe and protect us from various sources of danger. However, gaps occur in these areas, which can have devastating consequences in case of emergency. A non-functioning seatbelt, a defective airbag, a braking system without braking performance are only some of the disturbances in this area.

Through experts in this sector, we have made it our mission to identify these faults at an early stage and to check all safety-relevant parts directly at the customer's location or at our test center (by outsourcing the components). By trained specialists for safety-relevant parts, we have, among other things, an approval (small pyrotechnic certificate) for carrying out air bag and belt tensioning tests.

When are such examinations carried out?

  • Before installation in the vehicle
  • After installation in the vehicle
  • Item inspection as goods inspection
  • At the end user after an accident
  • After renewal of belt tensioners or airbags
  • Process integration and functional controls