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Special tests

They are looking for a special test, such as a degree of hardness measurement, a magnetic powder cracking test or a microscopic 3D measurement. Then you have the right contact at your side with TsQS-Qualität & Service GmbH. For our customers, we create a continuous solution for all challenges quickly and easily. We have at our disposal a complex machine park and a variety of different test methods directly at your premises or in our test center.

Magnetic Particle Testing:

The magnetic powder test is a special test method in which the finest hair cracks under ultraviolet light are recognized by the magnetization of the workpieces. By means of the parallel field lines which are generated by the magnetic field, the defects can be identified by means of iron powder during magnetization.

Directly with us on site errors can be checked with the following magnetization techniques:

1. Flowing current through

  • Electricity flow with attachment electrodes
  • Induction flooding

2. Field flow

  • Intermediate conductor (inner conductor)
  • yoke magnetization
  • Fixed coil

3. Combined magnetization techniques


The 3-dimensional measurement under the digital microscope opens up completely new perspectives in quality assurance and quality control. Due to the measurement and the possibility of the 3-dimensional documentation errors and causes of errors can be determined considerably more easily. As a customer, this means that production problems can be eliminated more quickly and sustainably.