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Defects cleanup

A ridge, a defect, a scratch or rust? No matter what kind of faults appear on your parts, our specially trained team is able to recognize these precisely and know through many years of experience. Through our special tools and our modern machine park, we are able to eliminate your mistakes. Thus, you can ensure that only fault-free products are sent to your customers. A benefit that will pay off for you in the long term!


Complaint - a term that no company likes to read and hear. Often, the causes of a complaint are not sufficiently known or can be rectified immediately during the ongoing process. We, as your partner, fully handle your complaint and will be at your side in all questions relating to the complaint process. Not only is the actual complaint processed by us, but in most cases, the cause of our staff. This has significant advantages for you and your entire process.

On the one hand, you are able to reduce your ppm rate; on the other hand, you are working with a long-term low rate of complaints to achieve lasting customer loyalty. Therefore, order us to process your complaint and benefit from the advantages an external service provider brings with you.